IJ - PC5We’re taking a break from the usual sharing of food recipe, today we’re sharing our recipe for a fun baking time with the girls.

The ingredients, which is available in most local supermarkets, we always use Betty Crocker for a quick and easy cake mix. Ingredients are written at the back of the box

DSC_0431The cupcake recipe book and mold from their Lola

DSC_0399Preparation, we let the girls do all the hard work, including the mixing

IJ - PC1I helped them do this process, put in the oven for 15-20 mins

DSC_0419As a reward, the get to finish off the left over, let them play while waiting for the cupcakes to bake

IJ - PC2

IJ - PC3Take the cupcakes out and let them cool down before putting the icing or any toppings


IJ - PC4Done! And that’s our recipe for a fun baking time with the girls



You can also watch the video here in Youtube

Let us know how do you spend time with your kids? How are you keeping them busy this summer?

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