DSC_0074Who doesn’t love a simple yet filling sandwich. The BLT is one of the most recognised and enjoyed sandwiches around. It comprises of Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato layered inside bread with a smear of mayo.

I love experimenting and here is our take on this loved classic, and we call it the B.E.L.T. That is Bacon, Egg, Lettuce & Tomato layered inside toasted bread and a home mixed Honey Mustard. It is simple, tasty and with a little variations you can create other wonderful sandwiches for your family and friends.

Here are the ingredients:

– Turkey Bacon, baked or grilled. Drain off excessive oil (Pork bacon can be used if preference allows)

– Eggs (cooked to your preference. I like it sunny side up, with a runny yolk)

– Lettuce

– Tomato (Make sure they are ripe and you slice them thin and evenly)

– Toasted bread (white or wholemeal, both work)

– Mustar-naise (3 portions of your favourite mayo,  1 portion of regular mustard, 1 portion of honey, 1/2 teaspoon pepper)


pic 1.001

Assemble it, invite your good friends and enjoy!!


Replace the bread with bagel and put in a twist. Small variations keeps this simple recipe fresh.



It’s always nice to share yummy food with good friends. Ask Paul & Criz about this experience.


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