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Things I’ve learned from the EN2016 | Cape Town, South Africa

Earlier this month Peter and I had the privilege to travel to Cape Town, South Africa for our Every Nation World Conference 2016. There were about 58 nations represented at the Grand West Arena, with 1 aim, to praise and worship the living GOD.

IMG_8220Every Nation World Conference is something that we look forward to every 3 years. It encourages us to GO to the nations, GO to our families, GO to our city and GO to our campus, to make Jesus known. Share HIS love. This is the 4th conference that Peter and I have attended since 2007 & 2010 in the Philippines, 2013 in the US and boy 2016 South Africa is the best one so far!


I’m glad we attended this year, I can’t deny the fact that touring around Cape Town, the yummy food, the beautiful city and experiencing the local culture has been one of the highlights of our trip. But attending the conference was hands down the no. 1 highlight.

I love the relationships that we’re able to build, the connections we’re able to make and friendship that we’re able to establish. I love that this spiritual family celebrate colors, black, white, brown, it doesn’t matter where you are from, they love you the same.

I love that we have very humble leaders in the movement, yet they have so much power when they preach, so passionate about their calling.

I love the trainings & equipping that we’ve received. It has stretched our faith, encouraged us to believe and think BIG, we have bigger vision for the world, bigger vision to reach out and co-labor with GOD. It’s beyond amazing and we truly experienced vision overload!

Here’s a recap of what I’ve learned from the Every Nation World Conference 2016 and some points that I’ve taken note of. I recommend you guys to listen to the podcast here www.en2016.org/conference-recap/

IMG_8118Day 1

Pastor Steve Murrell

  • The problem with being color blind is that you don’t get to celebrate colors

Pastor Oscar Muriu

  • Are the things you are living for worth Christ’s dying for?
  • If you can’t give up a little sleep in the morning to be with GOD, how can you say I give you my life, Jesus?
  • Live with a passion to go & share the gospel to people
  • It’s not easy but it’s worth what we have been called to
  • Jesus did not live a safe life but a brave life
  • Self preservation will not accomplish great things for GOD
  • Brave is not the absence of fear, but assurance of trust in Jesus
  • If you haven’t met the devil recently, then you are probably walking in the same direction
  • The question is, ARE YOU DEAD YET?

3Day 2

Pastor Brett Fuller

  • How can two walk together unless they agree?
  • You can fulfill your calling without giving up your day job
  • You don’t need to resign from work, consider your office / school as your mission field

Pastor Wolfi Eckleben

  • Discipleship is more than just maturing it’s also about moving, so GO, go to the nations
  • We need faith to go and to send to the nations
  • Marks of sending church (their groaning, their going, their growing, their giving)
  • Going questions
    • Faith – what have you heard?
    • Fruit – what have you done?
    • Family – where is home? who will you send?

Pastor Jim Laffoon’s prophecy

  • Until you are in awe of me you will be in awe of your challenges
  • The fear of the Lord is simply that you are in awe of Me more than anything else

1C0A0762Day 3 – Campus Night

Pastor Joseph Bonifacio 

  • Connect without compromise
  • Excelling for GOD’s glory
  • Excellence cannot be hidden but lack of excellence cannot be hidden too
  • Start in your home, start in your campus
  • Who is thanking GOD that you are a Christian today?

Pastor Carol Mkize

  • Why Campus? Because students change the culture, lead movements and shape nations
  • What is God asking me to do that will make an impact in the future?
  • Intimacy with GOD will carry you even when you are not so inspired & no one is cheering you on, that’s why it is critical
  • You will overcome because the word of GOD abide in you
  • Chaos is fertile ground for Christians, we should take advantage of it to share the hope that we have in Jesus
  • The influence we have in the campus will shape the students. This generation is ready, so what are we doing to shape them?
  • We the next generation should have our own faith in GOD. We cannot just rely on what our Fathers did in the past
  • If we change the world without the one who has called us, we do it in vain
  • We are GOD’s appeal in the church & He will give us the grace to do the things we need in the future

IMG_8147Day 4

Pastor Yolanda Julies 

  • Live for a cause bigger than yourself, a cause worth living & dying for?
  • Are we prepared to sacrifice our comfort to commit to GOD
  • Jesus never sacrificed compassion, but He sacrificed himself, we can, because HE IS!
  • As His disciples we need commitment to carry on His mission for our lives
  • We can never sacrifice commitment for the sake of our convenience
  • Yes life happens but GOD is in every moment of it

Pastor Rice Broocks

  • GOD is the source of human rights
  • The gospel is GOD’s communication to mankind
  • The gospel has the power to stop evil
  • It is every man’s right to hear the gospel of Jesus
  • Know Jesus & make Him known

1C0A0790The next conference in 2019 is in Orlando, Florida USA again. We encourage you to join. Pray, save part of your monthly income from now, plan for it and go. If you are part of the Every Nation Churches, I encourage you to join and experience the conference with the whole family! Read Pastor Steve’s blog as to Why Go. It will definitely change your life forever, you will be unstoppable, it will inspire you to GO!

Pictures were downloaded from the EN2016 Conference Recap Church Kit



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