Can’t believe that it’s been over 2 months since we got back from our Sri Lankan vacation with the kids. As always, we made a lot of memories during the vacation. And we also took a lot of pictures. A LOT.

Along with all the memories that we got to live through and create, there were a few things that I learnt during our vacation. Here they are:


1. Be Present in the Present

Kids grow up so fast. They are constantly learning from school, media, friends and most of all from things they see at home. To hear them reason out stuff to having interesting conversations, I was just so amazed to see how beautifully our kids are growing up. It was a reminder for me that there is no time to enjoy our kids like now. Through ages and seasons, our children would learn, mature and grow up. It is so important for us parent to be present in the present. I know many times we say we are working hard for the sake of a good future of our kids. But what’s the point of working so hard if we are NOT there to enjoy them growing up. Our vacation time allowed us to drop everything we do just to be present in the present season of our children.


2. Back is the New Front

Now all my life I was taught if someone tells you let’s take a picture, it meant you looked front at the camera and smiled. Well not anymore apparently. Candice kept insisting we took pictures from the back because that was the ‘in-thing’. The kids and I had our laughs at few of Candice’s photo arrangements, but really ran with it because the photo’s looked good anyway (front view or back view, we look great. LOL).


Of all the funny looks that we got from by standers, there was one instance I will never forget. We were driving down from Nuwara Eliya and stopped by a little village so that Candice could take one of her photos. So as Candice was set and I was focusing to take the photo (from behind) there was an old lady there who kept saying in Tamil “hey young girl look this side, he is taking a photo. Why are you not looking here? Aiyooo!! What is wrong with this girl?”

Well, someone needs to tell that sweet grand ma that Back is the New Front


3. Always Make Time

While Candice & I were on mommy daddy duties the whole day, we still managed to find time for each other. Whether it meant putting the kids to sleep early or us waking up earlier than them, we found a way to unwind and enjoy each others company. It’s so important that we spent time with each other so that when the kids kept us running through the day, we were not getting cranky or turning on each other.

In a marriage, living our routine tasks can really kill the life out of a relationship. We always pushed ourselves to make time for each other.


Candice and I are now planing for our next escapade to South Africa to join to our Every Nation family from around the globe to convene for our World Conference. We can’t wait to experience and make new memories there.

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