To my very loving Husband,

It’s been a week since we got back from our 1st Europe Trip and I want to write you a thank you note for giving me my best Birthday treat so far.

In the 9 days that we’ve traveled, aside from the many adventures we’ve done during our trip, the things that I’m mostly thankful for about you, are:

1. Being my historian and tour guide

Constantly educating me about the significance of every place and monument that we’ve visited, you’ve taken my history class in University a higher level and made learning so much fun!

2. Our many local cuisine adventure

Thank you for introducing me to street food! My fright for such has vanished when you let me taste Jabal Al Noor in Dubai. I will surely miss the Weiner sausages and Doner Kababs we’ve shamelessly gobbled up for so many days. Time to lose the weight we’ve gained, but thank you for opening my different taste pallets and letting me enjoy street food and fine dining at the same time!

3. For taking control of our spends while abroad

Making sure we don’t go over the top on our expenses and not letting me shop (more than what is required). Thank you for holding my hands so tightly or sweetly putting your hands around me while passing through the Cartier, LV, Gucci stores in the shopping districts :-). I’m sure we will not regret traveling when we see our bank statements at the end of the month!

4. Your undivided attention

Even though I allowed you 1 hour time to work everyday to respond to your customers via email, thank you for doing it while I relax watching the movies you’ve downloaded for me.

5. You are not only a heart warmer

Thank you for even sacrificing your scarves to make sure the cold did not get into me 🙂

6. The fun of learning about the culture of every cities that we’ve visited

And again giving me a brief history for certain cultural behaviours. You should really consider a career teaching World History or being a Tour Guide!

7. I will NOT miss our arguments during the trip but what I appreciate is how you always reached out to me

You always made me smile / laugh and made me realize how silly or pity the situation that I’m cribbing about. Hah! We survived 9 whole days alone!

8. My nightly feet massage routine

Thank you for taking care of my chubby legs and feet after walking for many hours. It’s so relaxing, eased the tiredness from me and prepared me for the next day of long walks again.

9. Our many selfie pictures and videos

We don’t really take selfies, because it’s not us, but thank you for allowing me to document a certain moment by smiling on the numerous selfie pictures and joining me with the countless video spin around.IJ - Selfie3

10. Our time to pray and dedicate the day to GOD

Because of the busyness in Dubai, we don’t get enough time to come together and pray, but we should really do that as a habit, because there’s really power when we pray together.

I surely love doing life with you because there’s no doubt, with you as the leader, every step we take as a family is blessed by GOD.

To all my single friends pray that your future partner will also be your best travel-buddy!

Thank you sweetheart for creating another memory for us to cherish! I’m so looking forward to our next adventure!

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  • This is such a sweet post, Candice! So happy for you, guys. Since my travel companion is also always my spouse, I can totally relate to you. Belated happy birthday!

    • Hi Nadia thank you for the lovely comment! I’ve never really love traveling until I met Peter ;-)… I’m glad you’re also enjoying your travels with your spouse.

  • Your blog is very inspiring, as always. The things you’re doing are very simple but then they make us happier and more contented in life. As they say, we get joy in simple things. I always admire how you walk life with God. I can’t put in words. It just makes me smile. 🙂

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