One of my favourite travel that I want to share is our visit in the US in July/August 2013. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love our 1st travel to this nation:

1. Adventure & quality time with the family

Ever since my family moved to Canada 8 years back, we only get to meet them every 2 years. Since we have gone to Edmonton 3 times already and my family have not crossed the border to the US yet, we decided to meet in the US instead. I have planned the trip, hopping to different cities, organized accommodations, transportations, food, etc for 8 adults along with my cousin and 3 kids.

I still laugh whenever I remember our experience of almost missing our flight from Miami to Washington, the memory of opening about 5 luggages and trying to balance out the weight is just epic! The 15 mins walk from the check in counter to crossing the immigration and boarding gate was no joke!

Another beautiful experience for Peter is the ability to be able to drive different vehicles as we moved from 1 city to another.

IJ - US2

2. Impartation we’ve received from the EN2013 World Conference

I love that we are part of the Every Nation Family, even if we are from different churches, but once we gather around, you will always feel the closeness of our movement. I love the opportunity to meet different people from every nation that our church is present at. I also love that our Pastors are very down to earth, you can approach any of the senior pastors including our President and just chat with him. All the sessions that we’ve attended were very powerful and encouraging! It is no wonder that the movement is exponentially growing.

If you were not able to attend this glorious event, you can still visit the Every Nation World Conference 2013 website to listen to the podcasts for free!

IJ - US3

3. Experiencing God’s overflowing favor and provision

Peter & I have decided to bless our parents + 3 siblings and take care of their needs during this trip. In return, GOD has blessed us and we were given unexpected favor to stay and spend quality time with our relatives in Ashburn, Washington DC & New York.

GOD never cease to amaze us, we thought we were already so generous by providing for our extended family, then he surprises us with lovely free stay with our relatives in the States, He is more generous!

Our hosts : Ashburn - Rachel Akka  Washington - Tita Mila New York - Ate Ya
Our hosts :
Ashburn – Rachel Akka
Washington – Tita Mila
New York – Ate Ya

4. Good health and time to relax

I’m so thankful that none of us fell ill during this very active travel, I was also on my 7th month of pregnancy and was relieved that we’ve travelled with my parents, siblings and cousins, it gave me time to relax and breath since there were a lot of people with us to take care of the girls.

Going on holidays with very young kids can be very stressful, I know a lot of you can agree to that! It’s like you need another vacation after the one you’ve just taken, but this time without the kids :-). Our trip in the US was relaxing for me, due to the help of my parents, sibs and cousin Sony & Rhea who were hands on baby sitters.

IJ - US1

5. Opportunity to see 9 cities in 21 days

I know the visit was brief but I love that GOD allowed us to see 9 cities during this visit. Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Ashburn, Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Jersey & New York

Atlanta for a day
Atlanta for a day
Orlando, ready to try the rides in Disneyland
Miami me too
Met the President in Washington DC
Met the President in Washington DC
New York
New York


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