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The Bible ain’t Lying – It is not good for a man to be alone

As Candice had blogged earlier, I’m currently on a 100 day adventure in the Philippines studying at the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. Aside from the colossal wealth of knowledge and exposure I’m receiving here in Manila, there are so many things that God has been teaching me pertaining to my personal walk with […]

Treasure Hunt | Seeing the potential in people beyond the surface

While driving around South Africa, we came through a small town called Pilgrim’s Rest. This little town used to be a prominent gold rich area which was discovered during the Mining Rush of Africa during the mid to late 1800’s. This commenced what history taught us – ’The Scramble for Africa’, where European powers divided […]

Keeping Your Joy in Midst of Change

The company I currently work for recently had change in top level management by bringing in a new CEO to implement certain strategies from the Board of Directors. The process of change has not been smooth at any level within the team; this seems to be the mildest way of putting it. The last 4+ […]

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