In the last 7 days I have received messages from people asking why are we in the Philippines for 100 days? What are we doing? Have we permanently relocated and left Dubai? In my efforts to respond back to all the messages, I believe it will be better for me to let you know what this season is all about.

Couple of years back, Peter and I felt that there’s a change in season that’s coming our way. It’s similar to how we felt in 2012 when we thought GOD is calling us to go to India for a mission, but after intentionally praying and fasting we have received a specific word from the Lord, through a prophecy from Pastor Jim Laffoon, we then stayed put in Dubai. Specific word was “this is the region I’ve called you to be at, for the moment”.

Fast forward, it was in mid-2015 when Peter and I felt the same change in season and started to pray about doing the work of the LORD full-time. This was a result of another casual sit-down conversation with Ate Joy (one of our mentors). We have been asked many times to consider pastoring the youth ministry but we have said no due to various personal and family commitments, however this time it was different. We said we’ll pray about it and consider it, that time.


Further conversations lead us to asking “What is one thing that’s stopping us from doing the ministry full-time?” both of us answered PROVISION, our family have been used to a kind of lifestyle that we thought might not be supported if we go full-time. Thinking of it now, our faith in GOD were very little.

And to add to that, some of our closest friends and family have also asked:

Why is Peter going full-time?

Can’t he serve the LORD while working?

You have to think about your kids, their future, how will you provide for them?

You should not be a burden to people later on.

You can serve in the ministry while working, so you can also bless others with your resources.

These are just some of the questions we have received from well-meaning people when they found out about this journey. And honestly, I don’t know what the answers are.

Am I not scared about this move? Of course it rattles me! But I know these things are true:

That our GOD is bigger than our needs

He is the creator of the heaven and the earth, if He has appointed us to do this, I’m sure, He will do everything to provide for all that we need. He is the best employer one can have. The sky is the limit when He provide, it really boils down to our faith to ask.

Psalm 34:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 The lions may grow weak and hungry,     but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.

Our security should not be pegged on people, but to Him alone

Not on people, not on our job, not on our savings. Because people will come and go, we can lose our jobs over night and our savings will eventually be depleted. But putting our security on GOD who is the maker of the heaven and the earth, I will be fully secured.

We have seen His finger prints all over this season

We have received so many favors after answering the call. The trip to Philippines alone, Peter’s accommodation people volunteering to host us, transportation and security Peter has 2 other classmates staying in the same area where he lives and they all travel together everyday. Finances there are people who already blessed us for his tuition fee and pocket-money.

My parents moving from Canada to UAE is also a huge blessing. We have so many people telling they will partner with us in prayers. Truly He’s gone ahead of us and prepared things for us.

Our GOD is in control over our season

We can say no to His call and be miserable, but at the end of the day it’s His will that will prevail.

The work is great, but the one who called is even greater. I am overwhelmed at times, but to think that GOD has called us to co-labor and partner with Him really excites me. So yes, Peter is in the Philippines to study at Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. The 100 days in The Philippines is just the start of our adventure, answering the call of GOD. So please keep us in your prayers!

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