We live in a time and place where it seems life is always on a running mode. Calendars have more activities than time itself. The words balance takes a backseat to ensuring things get done.

Our life is so dependant on finishing deadlines at work, make sure the proposal goes out in time, all the planned meetings happen, all the bills at home gets paid, events are attended, all updates about life are on social media, etc. We run after these things because we know they are important and in a way and over time our life seems to depend on them.

In the midst of these “important” things, it is so crucial we find ways to prioritise what is really important; namely – relationships.

This would be your relationship with God first and foremost, relationship with your direct family like spouse, kids, parents, relationship with close friends. Life itself will not allow you to make time for these relationships. We need to fight for it, we need to say NO to what is less important compared ensure these relationships are healthy and thriving.

If there is one reason why we need to prioritise these relationships it is this. Jobs can be lost and found again, skills can be learnt along the way, we can always catch up with the next social gathering, our life will not cease to exist if it’s not put on social media. We can always catch up or replace it in time. But relationship can never be replaced. Once broken, the pain is a lasting one.

The replaceable will compete for the place of the irreplaceable. In fact, it will fight for it. But the lasting truth is that the Replaceable cannot and will not replace the Irreplaceable.

So, in a demanding time that we will in its best to first prioritise the things are really important. I hope we are all fighting for the right ones.

Do not miss fun play time with the kids to create a memory, even if you look silly :-)
Do not miss fun play time with the kids to create a memory, even if you look silly 🙂
pic 3
Taken on a date night we went on recently. Candice and I really needed to fight for our time to make this happen.
pic 4
Went on a couple’s retreat from church. More on this on a blog which will follow soon (hopefully)!

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