As Candice had blogged earlier, I’m currently on a 100 day adventure in the Philippines studying at the Every Nation School of Campus Ministry. Aside from the colossal wealth of knowledge and exposure I’m receiving here in Manila, there are so many things that God has been teaching me pertaining to my personal walk with Him. Here is one of the things I’ve learned in the first 21 days of being away from Candice and the kids.

The Bible ain’t lying

We all know the age old Bible verse that we always refer to while speaking about marriage from Genesis 2

“It’s not good for the Man to be alone; I’ll make him a helper, a companion”.

I believe this verse is not only intended for men to get married, but also for married guys who are away from their wife. My wife is really my companion, my best friend. We love spending time together and having long conversations about anything and everything under the sun. The last couple of weeks we’ve been away from each other, made me realise how much I really miss her.


Even though we physically apart, we make sure we are still emotionally and spiritually connected. We take time during the day to check on each other, encourage one another, pray for and share our devotions. But we miss our face to face time with each other.

This stirred up a realisation that there are numerous moments when we are together physically and convince ourselves that we are “spending time together”, yet emotionally or spiritually we drifting into La La Land.

Spending time together should mean complete involvement – mind, spirit and physically. There would be many things in life that challenges for our priorities and time to separate us from our family. It really takes a conscious decision to spend time the right way, the productive way, the quality way. Our proximity needs to be physical, spiritual and emotional.


So, the next time you convince yourself about spending time together with family, remember it is not limited to being physically together, but fully engaged emotionally and spiritually as well.

I’m grateful that this separation is just temporary and not for long term, I really can’t picture how other couples take the long distance relationship, I salute those men who endure being away from their love ones. It may be your choice to be away and for many it may not, due to financial difficulties and other personal circumstances, but my prayer is that GOD will help you find a way to be reunited with your spouse, kids and the rest of family, because truly it is NOT good for man to be alone. It is GOD’s will for you to be united with your family.



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