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Reasons why Dubai Festival City is a great place to live – Part 1 Swimming Pool

DSC_0068I’ve recently blogged about the 12 months’ notice to vacate that we’ve received from our Landlord, if you have missed that you can read it here entitled “Our Heavenly Father will provide”.

After that post, there have been people asking us lately what’s our plan, where are we moving, when’s the move, what’s next, blah blah blah. A lot of questions and to be honest, I don’t really have answers to them, because I started singing “Let it go, let it go, I can’t think of this anymore… Let it go, let it go…” Well kidding aside, the truth is we are letting GOD carry us, as we cross the bridge. We haven’t really had an active search of where to live next, we’re just letting GOD do the search for us and prepare our future HOME :-).

I know it is hard to just leave it that way, but I really cannot do anything about our home situation. If we were able to trust GOD with the simplest thing like our daily food, to the biggest concerns that we have, like the future of our kids, I think we should also trust him with where are we moving, when’s the move and what’s next, in terms of our accommodation.

For now I have learned to enjoy what we have, while we have it. Having said that, I’ve decided to write about why I love leaving in Dubai Festival City. So my first entry would be the amenities that we enjoy in Al Areesh – Swimming pool for the kids.

If you are considering to buy a house, you must really consider Dubai Festival City for the many amenities that you can enjoy. Al Areesh Club is open for all residents in DFC, specially residents at Al Badia Residence and Hillside Village (this is where our unit is). It is like a resort in the community, there’s a gym, supermarket, pharmacy, restaurant, play area for the kids, big sized pool, pool for the kids, basketball court, squash court, and many more. I will try to cover some of them here as we move forward.

These pictures were taken sometime in May

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