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Parenting is Tough! – Part 1

Parenting can be a daunting task. For some, just the thought of parenting brings in the jitters of fear, uncertainty and doubts. I’ve met people for whom marriage is a no-no because the idea of having children there after is too scary. Every time we attend a Baby Shower, it has become to cliché to hear guests tell the parents to be “oh get ready for sleepless night” or “get ready for all those nappy changing” or “watch out for your wallet because grocery shopping for babies is so expensive” and the worst “say good-bye to freedom as you know it”.

The truth is this – Parenting is Tough! It is a huge responsibility in every way; be it emotionally, financially, planning, priorities. There is a lot at stake when we parent children and it takes a toll on you.

But people seldom talk about the blessing of having children. As Psalms 127:3 say:

Children are a gift from the Lord;they are a reward from him”

Gifts are a good thing right? Who wouldn’t want a gift or a reward. Being a dad of 3, here’s the first instalment of things why my tag team partner & I consider children are nothing but an absolute blessing

1. Legacy

More than anything else, this keeps me going in parenting – LEGACY. What an opportunity for me to set things in motion for the next generation. The values we in still in the lives of our children will outlive our life time. The seeds we sow in their lives will bear fruit which future generations will enjoy. Do you want to see the future of this world we live in? Or to leave something beautiful behind long after your days come to and end? Look at your children. This is greatest legacy we could live for. When you parent, when you discipline, when you create memories, you are doing them to outlive your lifetime. You are leaving a legacy through your children.

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2. A Fresh Start

Maybe you’ve had a rough up bringing. You see curses (like financial lack, chronic diseases, mental illnesses, barrenness, disunity at home) follow your family and the fear of passing this on to the next generation glares you in the eye. When you allow Jesus to be the Lord of your life, you are free from these curses and instead blessed in every way. You have an opportunity to cut of those “handed down” curses and begin a culture of passing on blessing from one generation to the next.

I’m praying that the curse of shiny scalps will not be passed on to my children 🙂

Not sure where you are in parenting, what influences your parenting approach, what the results have been so far. But here is my encouragement to you – don’t give up in parenting. Children are a gift from the Lord. When we change the way we look at them, we change the way we parent them. Greater days are still ahead for you in raising them into the mighty ones who God has planned them to be.

Through your kids lives, you can set a great legacy in motion.

Stay tuned for the second instalment of this topic in the next couple of days.

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