Some of you have heard of our recent and 1st ever radio guesting at Dubai Eye 108.9, Dubai Today with Suzanne and psychologist Samineh Shaheem.IMG_1936IMG_1939IMG_1937IMG_1935

I just want to tell you how this all begun, a friend of ours at church Rose connected us with Zenna, who is a friend of hers who’s looking for cross cultural couples to interview for valentines earlier this year, and they did this segment about 14 couples who met in Dubai, the segment was called “Match Made in Dubai” you can check it out at <here>.

When we did the interview that time, Zenna mentioned that she’s working for ARN, the company who’s producing 103.8FM and that happened to be our favourite radio station, we listen to it a lot, most especially when we’re on the road. At that time, Peter and I thought, “wouldn’t it be good to be called as guest speaker at one of their segments” that thing was seriously just between Peter and I (and GOD).

So long story short, after about 9 months we got a call from Zenna asking if we would like to join a live discussion in their studio about cross cultural marriages. And there we go meeting Suzzane and Samineh with Linda for a lovely time of discussion.

Here are my top 3 take away in this whole experience:

1. GOD knows where, how & who to connect you with

There are a lot of times we struggle to direct our energy, talent, resources, etc, to so many things and we end up pursuing things to make a name for ourselves, when it is really GOD who will orchestrate things to happen for us. Being connected to Rose, then Zeena for and to Dubai Eye is still an amazing puzzle for me, GOD will create opportunities for us, even from people we don’t mingle a lot with.

2. You might think your story is so ordinary, but if used by GOD it can impact someone’s life

Peter and I didn’t know our love story and life will be used by GOD as an example for people to look at. So I encourage you to do what you do to honor GOD in your life and He will lift you up.

3. Do not shy away, let your light shine for HIM

We were supposed to be interviewed along with 2 other couples but they ended up cancelling at the last minute and it was just down to Peter and I with the radio pros, more airtime for us! It was nerve-wracking to be there along with Suzanne and psychologist Samineh plus Linda Sakr who’s a guest Psychologist, these people are PHD holders and have invested a lot of their lives studying what they know now. I felt like David in the old testament holding my life experiences and what I’ve learned from HIS word, that was more than enough. We were confident not because we have something to boast on my own, we were confident because we know that HE was with us, His wisdom has enabled us live a good cross culture marriage, so no more holding back, we cannot shy away, it was our time to let our light shine for HIM!

Matthew 5:16 – In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

So if you haven’t heard of the interview, check them out here:

Audio 1 – press the play button, our interview starts in 19:45

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