My conversation with hubby went like this in the morning:

Peter – While the world around us wait for a day to appreciate their love ones, I’m grateful that I get to enjoy and celebrate your love everyday. I’m truly blessed. Happy Valentine’s Day my love
Me – 🙂 (I just responded back with a smiley, who does that after a heartfelt message?!?)

So while grumbling about my husband’s “not so romantic move” (and so I thought) to a colleague at work, sharing his message and sort of complaining, that I didn’t get a bouquet of flower or box of chocolates this year (things that I don’t really need), my colleague just responded back with the things she herself was planning for her husband tonight.

She’s also selflessly taken her time to go to the mall during her lunch break to find a gift, order in a cake, check for balloons and a card to give her husband. Her very words, “Why are we ladies always expecting something from our husbands to do something for us on Valentine’s day? Have you seen any post in Facebook or IG about wives treating their husband for something special or giving them chocolates or flowers to celebrate this day? Isn’t it their day too?”

Ouch right?

Made me realize, why am I expecting something from Peter if I am not doing or even thinking to do something for him?

Who said Valentine’s day is only for me?

Why am I always at the receiving end on Valentine’s day?

How about Pete? Don’t I need to appreciate and reciprocate his love?

GOD has His funny way of allowing me to have a sense check, marriage or any relationship requires give and take, sowing and reaping. I should not always expect Peter to throw a surprise for me if Valentine’s day is meant to be celebrated together.

Hence, note to self: Candice, Valentine’s Day is not only for you to enjoy!

So now, my dilemma is what should I do to celebrate this day with Peter? Should I throw a surprise for him?

Any suggestions, Ladies?


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