In the month of June this year, Candice and I were able to see one of our faith-goals fulfilled. We purchased a property in our home town, Chennai.

Ever since we got married, we’ve always had this desire to invest in properties, for so many reasons, but they are mostly for the kids.

There are so many things that I want to share with you guys regarding this milestone in our life (like how, for whom, why land, the favors that we received, etc.), but for the sake of keeping this blog short and simple I will zoom into one point. We’ll try to expand this further in the coming months and let you know our experience purchasing this investment.

For Candice & I, making this investment was in response to a Biblical principle – Proverbs 13:22(a) says “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children’s children”. 

IJ - Fin1God has blessed Candice & I with good jobs. As much as we enjoy life, we know it honor’s God when we leave an inheritance for the next generation(s).

Some people may define inheritance as a bunch of wonderful memories, good values, polished skills. All these are important and as parents or stewards of Gods blessing, we have do these things any compromise. But equally important is to leave behind something of material blessing as well.

There will always be one thing or another that will pop out as a reason why we cannot save. There’s a temptation to:

  • start next month or next year
  • start after I pay off a new car
  • start after the big holiday I’ve always dreamed to have
  • or when I get a salary increment
  • and even when I get a bonus

But honestly, there is no better time to start saving up for your next generation than TODAY.

Because it is a Biblical principle, this is a wise thing to do. When we think of our future generations and leave something of significance for them, it honors God. And nothing in life is far more fulfilling than living to honour God even with our finances.

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