IJ - Fire BurningI cannot believe it’s February already! It’s been very hectic for Peter & I since the start of the year. As you can see we’re not very good in updating our blog due to other pressing things.

Since it’s the “Heart’s month”, I want to welcome February with a blog post on the matters of the heart. A question that is often asked, “How do you keep your relationship fresh and keep the fire burning” here’s our top 3 list:

1. Regular Date Nights

Date night every other week, you might think that’s expensive, my good friend Donna used to tell me “it doesn’t need to be expensive to be special”, same goes with date nights I guess, you don’t always have to go to an expensive restaurant or pay expensive tickets to an opera show to have fun.

Be creative, go to a park nearby, have a picnic, walk in the corniche maybe, look for cost-effective ways to go on a date night without paying so much. The important part is to sit as husband and wife, catch up on things that you don’t get to share the whole week.

I will try to share our cost-effective date night ideas in a separate blog this month 🙂

2. Go Out of Town once in a while

IJ - FBWhether it’s a long drive, a day tour to another city or a weekend out-of-town with a night stay in a hotel, Peter and I normally take this chance to reconnect to each other like we’re just honeymooners. Most of the time, when we book a hotel I would even put a special request to set up the room for honeymooners (hahahah) and hotels do comply (most of the time) that can add up to the excitement you know!

We plan this out in advance, prepare the kids with the idea that Dad & Mom will be away for a day or two, we then ask some of our closest friends to come and stay over with the kids so Ate Juliet (PA for the kids) won’t get burned out attending to the kids.

We look at deals online in groupon, cobone, trivago or hotels.com to save on cash, again it doesn’t need to break the bank and we also set aside budget to go out-of-town.

3. Find Common Interests to do together

Over the years we have found a lot of things that we can do together like, weekend movie marathon, thursday night TV series marathon of Castle, Suits and Modern Family, oh we also love watching Gariel Iglesias (what a funny guy!).

We have a spa night, Peter loves to give massage and I love getting massaged, common interest, right? 🙂 lol

Just last year we discovered that blogging is a common interest too, hence TheIsaacsJournal.com was born.

According to Strength Finder 2.0 both Peter and I are Futuristic, so we take time to plan for our life as a family, goal setting for a month, year or 5 years.

We also love planing our annual trips, I plan the things for us to do, where to stay, things to maximise our budget for the trip, read reviews and Peter looks at places to visit, local food to try and history of the place.

So here’s top 3 in our list, how about you? Do let us know how do you keep the fire burning as husband and wife. What do you do to keep things fresh?



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