Today is the 3rd birthday of our second daughter Michelle who is so dear to us in so many ways. Every one of my children is precious and I can tell you special stories about them. Let me tell you about my Michu darling.

Yes this was Michu when she was so small, this is not Daniboy 🙂


Gaby was just 8 months old when I have missed my monthly period, my initial reaction was “LORD, oh no!”, it’s not a proud moment for me, not being excited to receive one of GOD’s greatest gifts. But that was then, I cannot imagine life without any one of my kids now. One common thing about all of them, they were all unplanned, well let me be clear about that, we did not plan to have them at the time we conceived, but like most of the great gifts from the LORD, HE knows what we needed and would want even before we can ask.

During the early stage of my pregnancy, I had some heavy cramps that persisted for few day. We went to the doctor and during the scan, the doctor saw some abnormal growth in my ovaries. She asked a senior doctor to see me, repeated scans and tests were done. I was then told the good news, bad news and the worst news of all. The good news is yes I’m 10weeks pregnant, this is according to the time my period has stopped, the bad news is that I have a growing 7cm cyst in my ovary (growing because during the different scans they did for weeks, it was continually getting bigger) to paint a picture of the 7cm cyst it was the size of an apple or orange, they cannot do anything about the cyst at that time because it will disrupt the pregnancy. However the worst news was told, that even if I’m 10weeks pregnant, it was not corresponding to the size of the baby, her growth was just 5weeks and I was told that there’s a big possibility that the baby will be aborted because of the cyst. At that moment I really felt bad, I was not so excited about this baby couple of weeks back, but I want it now.

We went home, I personally repented of not wanting to be pregnant again too soon, I asked the LORD for forgiveness and I kept on praying and rebuking the words of the doctor. I kept assuring myself that this baby is a blessing from the LORD, if the LORD blesses, he will not add trouble to it, that’s his promise in Proverbs 10:22. So I held on to that promise, I rebuked the lies of the enemy about my child. Peter and I continued to pray and believe that the child will live and that situation will be used for HIS glory alone! We looked for significant names in the bible, I wanted the name Michael or Michelle, which means arch angel, fearless, bold, warrior. We claimed that the baby will live to be a warrior. The second name Zoe from the old bible that means “life from the LORD”, we claimed that Zoe is a life from the LORD and she will live. It was at that time when GOD assured me that this baby will live and she will be an angel, a warrior for the LORD.

To cut the long story short, I carried Michelle in my tummy, full term pregnancy, throughout the pregnancy I didn’t know about what is that growing cyst in my ovary, all I know is that I wanted to hold on to GOD’s promise to let the baby live. At the beginning of 39 weeks I delivered Michu c section, at the same time the cyst was taken out of me, further test was done and the doctor confirmed that it’s non-cancerous. Both Michelle & I are safe. Yes Michelle is my miracle baby 🙂

Constant doctors appointments to make sure her health was good
Constant doctors appointments to make sure her health was good


Constant doctors appointments to make sure her health was good
Constant doctors appointments to make sure her health was good

3 things that I learned from this experience:

  1. I have to use my ears the right way, I have to silence the other voices telling me that I’m defeated, that I’m not well, that the baby will not live. I refused to listen to what the doctors said, specially that there’s a big chance that the baby will be aborted, look at how healthy Michelle is now! I learned to use my ears and only listen to the voice of the one who gave me the gift.
  2. I learned to use my lips and speak life over my situation, claim healing, claim miracles, pray over every situation, seek the heart of the KING. There will be other challenges that will come my way, smaller and bigger than this, but I have to learn to rebuke the enemy and stand on the word of the LORD. That is possible if I know the promises that GOD has given me in his Word, the Bible.
  3. Finally, I have learned to use my knees for the battle, fight because HE is fighting for me, giving up is not a choice! Rage war in prayers and constant battle of intercession! I love this famous saying that “Our situation doesn’t move GOD, but our prayers will” and it did move the hand of GOD over mine!

So my encourage to you my friends, who are patient enough to read this long blog, I don’t know your situation, but whatever that is, I want to encourage you to hold on, have faith, seek the LORD, He will come for you.

You might think this is Danyboy :-). This is Michu when she's a baby
You might think this is Daniboy :-). This is Michu when she’s a baby


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