GOD surely provides.

I obviously know this by now, not only know but have experienced it in my life countless times. In every experience of GOD’s provision He always amaze and surprise me in so many ways I could have not imagined.

This testimony is no different, so let me tell you.

Our youngest Daniel turned 1-year-old today, 7th November. Peter and I recently looked at our finances this year and with all the commitments that we have until December, we felt that we cannot afford to throw a party for our little man, even the simplest one. We’re trying to live within our means and we don’t want to borrow nor be in debt because of a party. So, this has been in our prayers for couple of months. We came to a point where we just accepted that maybe it’s ok not to have a 1st year’s birthday for this boy, however part of me says that we need to do our family tradition of “Celebrate for a Cause”, instead of gifts to Daniel, encourage our friends to contribute for a charity that we will support. We’ve done it for Gabrielle and Michelle before and we’ve seen how GOD has been glorified and has blessed us tremendously in return, I’ve blogged about it before, check it out <here> entitled “How we won EK voucher“.

So this has been in our prayers for couple of months and we settled in our hearts that it’s ok not to do a party. About a month back, my in-laws visited us, like they do every week. After dinner, Mommy Gethsie called Dani and said “I know it’s not your birthday yet, but we want to give you a gift. It’s with your Thatha”. Daddy Edwin then pulled out money from his pocket and just then and there covered the amount that we will be using for the party. PROVISION!

As I received the cash, I was almost in tears, I was so amazed, then I heard GOD said “How can you not throw a party for this boy? Here’s my provision.”

You might think, well that’s given, it’s Peter’s parents who gave the money. But let me tell you, they are not aware of our financial commitments and they don’t normally give cash as gifts to us, well not this way.

I’m totally convince the money was from GOD. That was the answer to our prayers.

So once again, GOD has shown his provision… unexpected way but we’ve expected that He will come through for us.

In celebration of our little man’s 1st birthday, we did our family tradition to “Celebrate for a Cause” with our friends and family today. Thank you guys for those who were able to join and celebrate this beautiful occasion with our family. Thank you also for helping us raise fund for the under privilege children in India. May GOD bless you all tremendously and return whatever you sow in HIS kingdom.

Happy Birthday to our little boy!


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