Oh the month of February!

A month which singles dread going through the valentine’s day gag without a date. A month when couples over pay for everything to celebrate a day together.

All these celebrations of the hearts month, Candice and I thought of sharing a little something that will well and truly enrich your marriage; make it one that would be worth celebrating.

A couple of months back (on the 13th of November 2015), we gathered along with another 75 or so couples for our annual church Couples Retreat. This year we were treated to Pastor Shaddy and Amy Soliman as our facilitators. They are a super couple who are so different from each other, yet living a great marriage together.

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Candice & I really value gatherings like this, because we consider this our way taking our marriage for a check-up. We take a day to learn how we can turn away from detrimental habits and take on new ones which will help enhance our marriage. We learnt a lot and felt so challenged to continue to have Christ as the center and foundation on which we will build what He has destined for our lives as husband and wife.


I know there were so many people who could not join us that weekend for many reasons. So, we requested a few of our friends to share what they learnt during the retreat. This blog series will run the rest of the month. Candice & I will also add our little nuggets towards the end of the month about marriage.

Here is a video message from Pastor Shaddy and Amy Soliman for those of you who missed the event.

In a nut shell, these are the main pointers on building a fail proof marriage:
  1. Seek God Together
  2. Fight Fair
  3. Have Fun
  4. Stay Pure
  5. Never Give Up

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