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So it’s been 3 weeks since we started our 2015 budgeting at work, hence no blog post from us, Peter has also been so busy at work and running the house while I’m busy with the late night number crunching. I’m glad to say that there’s a huge development with Al Futtaim Group, if you haven’t heard or read the news you can read the links below:

Al Futtaim Group mounts six mega-mall projects – by Gulf News

Dubai Festival City Begins Phase Two Of Retail Expansion – by Gulf Business

So having said that, there’s massive of work that awaits us, starting with the budgeting, my life for the last 3 weeks was just work, home, work, home and limited meetings with friends. I’m normally at work by 7.30am and leave for home by 10 or 11pm. Even this eid holiday, I’m at work! I know it’s not a balanced life/work time but don’t worry this is only because of the year-end budgeting, my job is not as stressful as this “all the time”. Weekend is still no downtime for me as it’s allocated for the kids. Believe me when I say my mind is absolutely FRIED!!! Number crunching and constantly on excel, all I can see are numbers and lines!!! I’m not really a math person but anything for the love of work.

I’m glad that it’s almost over, the big task is done, budget submitted! We just need to review it as a team and hopefully all the numbers that I’ve plotted in are correct! Please pray for me :-). But overall, I’m happy that I’m part of this company, Al Futtaim Group is a great employer, GOD has used this company to bless me over the years.


So the AMAZING news that I told you about, couple of weeks back in the post “The secret of staying blessed”  We would like to announce that our residential contract has been extended for another year!!! Many of you have prayed with us since January this year when our Landlord have given us a 12-month notice to vacate and I’ve also blogged about “Our Heavenly Father will provide“.

I’m not gonna go into further details of what, how, when, etc, I just want you to know that it is only the HAND OF GOD that has made all of this possible, if you want to know the full story, you can ask me at church or drop me an email, and I’d be glad to tell you the full details.

It might just be extended for another year, but that’s 1 more year to pray for our next home, I’m sure GOD is preparing the best one for us!

My encouragement for you guys, specially the ones who are in a difficult situation, is to believe that GOD can move in your situation, what ever it may be, it’s not yet over until GOD says it is! So instead of concentrating on your problem, approach His throne of grace, pray until something happens, believe that HE can move on your behalf, at the end, HE will be glorified.6a27654f0bff8850f401a68858c73ea1

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