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Foodie Friday – Chicken Barbecue with a Pinoy sweetness twist

So this week’s Foodie Friday, I’ve taken over our kitchen to prepare the meal for the family. Here’s a must try recipe from Tita Gina, this is everyone’s favourite whenever we’re dining at their beautiful home. The 1st time I’ve tried cooking this was when Peter’s away for a business trip to Barcelona. The kids […]

Foodie Friday – Chicken Adobo

Today, I’ll be sharing a recipe from my own country, the Chicken Adobo. It is “unofficially” the national dish of the Philippines, I say that because like Biryani for Indians, Abodo is a dish that is commonly cooked in a Filipino household. While growing up, I ate Adobo every week and it has become one of my favourite […]

Foodie Friday – 3 healthy meals

I’m just gonna make this short and sweet. In light of my fitness goal, I want to share 3 healthy meals that you can replace your regular carbo meals with. I’ve been having these for the last 4 weeks and these are really yummy, easy to prepare and are packed with healthy ingredients, so try […]

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