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Parenting is Tough! – Part 1

Parenting can be a daunting task. For some, just the thought of parenting brings in the jitters of fear, uncertainty and doubts. I’ve met people for whom marriage is a no-no because the idea of having children there after is too scary. Every time we attend a Baby Shower, it has become to cliché to hear […]

Iftar in Dubai – Sumptuous Buffet at Liwan Restaurant by Al Ghurair Rotana

Two weeks back Al Ghurair Rotana has organized a special Iftar for Food Bloggers in Dubai and our good friend Ken has kindly extended the invitation to us. Our blog has opened a number of opportunities for us to pursue our love for food, travel, family activities and it has created a great platform to connect with other bloggers. We’ve been getting a lot of […]

Week 26 of Project 52

Gaby at this age, one can see that she’s very passionate about how she looks, she’s such a fashionista, she loves watching make up videos and anything to do about styling, it is a bit scary at times, but as parents it’s our role to help her develop this interest into something beneficial for her […]

We are blessed to be a Blessing

It’s just the middle of the year and we’ve already hosted about 5 celebrations at home: Juan Daniel’s 2nd birthday Beatrix’s baby shower Adam Seth’s baby shower Moriah’s baby shower Josh Caleb’s baby shower Aside from these we’ve also opened our doors to meetings, hosted countless lunches and dinners, our home was open as DIY or […]

Week 25 of Project 52 – Pictures of the little Munchkins in 2015

I came across a mom blogger who take pictures of her kids on a weekly basis and has been documenting it the whole year. She’s called it Project 52 (being the number of weeks in one year). I found that thoughtful and special. So, I felt it will be a great idea for me to start the same for […]

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