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Note to self: Valentine’s Day is NOT only for Ladies to enjoy!

My conversation with hubby went like this in the morning: Peter – While the world around us wait for a day to appreciate their love ones, I’m grateful that I get to enjoy and celebrate your love everyday. I’m truly blessed. Happy Valentine’s Day my love Me – 🙂 (I just responded back with a […]

The Little Foxes

Marriage – for the ones where it work, this is one of the best things in life. For the ones where it just doesn’t seem to come together, it is abysmal. Thankfully for Candice and I, we experience the former. Not perfect (far from it actually); we have our fair share of challenges but yet […]

A letter to my Travel-buddy

To my very loving Husband, It’s been a week since we got back from our 1st Europe Trip and I want to write you a thank you note for giving me my best Birthday treat so far. In the 9 days that we’ve traveled, aside from the many adventures we’ve done during our trip, the things that I’m mostly […]

How to Keep the Fire Burning

I cannot believe it’s February already! It’s been very hectic for Peter & I since the start of the year. As you can see we’re not very good in updating our blog due to other pressing things. Since it’s the “Heart’s month”, I want to welcome February with a blog post on the matters of […]

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