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Confession of this Mama – Educating the kids about real beauty

These girls are always stopping by make-up stores when we’re around the mall. It is super cute but also so scary specially at this age! I’ve noticed that Gaby has started telling me that I look pretty with make up on. I’ve seen that she compliments me a lot when I’m on my 4 inches stilettos, dressed and ready […]

Mom – The glue that holds a family together

In every sport team, you have someone called the ‘Glue Guy’. They are not the big personality players nor are they the ones who get all the limelight in public eyes. Rather, these are the guys in a star-studded team who do a little of everything, usually sacrificing their own preferences and prestige all for […]

Parenting is Tough! – Part 2

Couple of weeks back I posted Part 1 of this 2 series blog how Parenting is Tough and how people seldom talk about the blessing of having children. As Psalms 127:3 say: “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him” Part 1 of the series talks about Legacy and A Fresh Start, let us […]

Parenting is Tough! – Part 1

Parenting can be a daunting task. For some, just the thought of parenting brings in the jitters of fear, uncertainty and doubts. I’ve met people for whom marriage is a no-no because the idea of having children there after is too scary. Every time we attend a Baby Shower, it has become to cliché to hear […]

Week 26 of Project 52

Gaby at this age, one can see that she’s very passionate about how she looks, she’s such a fashionista, she loves watching make up videos and anything to do about styling, it is a bit scary at times, but as parents it’s our role to help her develop this interest into something beneficial for her […]

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