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Keeping Your Joy in Midst of Change

The company I currently work for recently had change in top level management by bringing in a new CEO to implement certain strategies from the Board of Directors. The process of change has not been smooth at any level within the team; this seems to be the mildest way of putting it. The last 4+ […]

Things I’ve learned from the EN2016 | Cape Town, South Africa

Earlier this month Peter and I had the privilege to travel to Cape Town, South Africa for our Every Nation World Conference 2016. There were about 58 nations represented at the Grand West Arena, with 1 aim, to praise and worship the living GOD. Every Nation World Conference is something that we look forward to every 3 years. It encourages us to […]

The Known Secrets to Parenting – PRAYER

One thing I’m so grateful to God for is the wonderful children HE has blessed Candice and me with. Not a single day goes by where we are not thankful and appreciative of this marvellous gift of being called parents to Gabrielle, Michelle & Daniel. Being a parent is hard work. There are moments when it’s […]

Be A Man, Do The Right Thing

Over the last couple of months, Candice & I have had the privilege to spend a lot of time with single folks. This is something that gradually reduced over time, especially since we got married and had kids. So Candice and I have really been enjoying connecting with these singles. From all our interactions, there […]

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