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I Dread Hard Conversations

Someone once said, “Good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after”. For many, good means neutral, fun and non-confrontational. These good conversations are great in neutral, fun and relationships outside your closest circle. But in high value/priority relationships like those between husband & wife, parents & children, trusted & accountable […]

Happy 34th Birthday, Love

13th March 2017. Today is the 34th birthday of the Love of my life, Candice Ava Valdez Isaac. In the days leading to today, I kept remembering this thought I had when I was courting Candice; I see myself growing old with this person. Fast forward 9 years on, I know that deciding to live with this […]

2015 Couples Retreat – From This Day Forward

Oh the month of February! A month which singles dread going through the valentine’s day gag without a date. A month when couples over pay for everything to celebrate a day together. All these celebrations of the hearts month, Candice and I thought of sharing a little something that will well and truly enrich your […]

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