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Why? Why? Why?

Why? Why? Why? If you are a parent, then you know the exasperation your kids cause you with the endless “why’s”. Since when did we parents become answerable to our kids? Who gave our kids the idea to throw a “Why?” at the end of our instructions? When was “just do it” become insufficient? As […]

I Dread Hard Conversations

Someone once said, “Good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after”. For many, good means neutral, fun and non-confrontational. These good conversations are great in neutral, fun and relationships outside your closest circle. But in high value/priority relationships like those between husband & wife, parents & children, trusted & accountable […]

Parenting – Simple, But Not Easy

Parenting. For the ones who don’t have kids yet, it’s the thing they anticipate with eager hearts. For the ones who have children, parenting might be a cause of constant panic attacks. The truth is, this is not the easiest time to be a parent, with loads of influences on our children from all kinds […]