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Things to do in Dubai | Visit CityFest at Dubai Festival City Mall

Dubai Festival City Mall has recently opened the new waterfront extension, offering spectacular views of Dubai’s iconic skyline from the banks of the emirate’s historic Creek. The revamped open-air space will ultimately develop into a 300-metre long world-class waterfront venue with more than 20 restaurants, offering a wide variety of international cuisines to cater for the […]

Reasons why Dubai Festival City is a great place to live – Part 1 Swimming Pool

I’ve recently blogged about the 12 months’ notice to vacate that we’ve received from our Landlord, if you have missed that you can read it here entitled “Our Heavenly Father will provide”. After that post, there have been people asking us lately what’s our plan, where are we moving, when’s the move, what’s next, blah blah […]

Our Heavenly Father will provide

In January this year we received a 12 months’ vacation notice from our Landlord (Dubai Festival City) informing us that they are planning to sell off the property. We were given the 1st right of refusal to purchase the house, we did our calculation and decided not to pursue this opportunity. I’d be lying if I told […]

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